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The Gift

Whenever I need a gift for someone that I genuinely care about, I go to local store that has very unique gifts. Recently when looking for a gift for a co-worker who I had worked many hours with, and grown very close to, who was moving on to bigger things; this is what caught my eye. Frequently a gift will jump out as perfect for that person. Unfortunately it was very expensive. Imagine my surprise when my teammates gave it to me for my retirement.

Image 12.jpg

It is called a Trapezoid box-beautiful wood and finish. A convex quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides is referred to as a trapezoid according to Wikipedia. It is actually a stack of drawers, one secret.

Image 2.jpg

It is also a puzzle, a metaphor for life. I love metaphors. This is my life, a trapezoid with many compartments, all of them open right now as I search for new meaning, new inspiration, a new direction.

This morning I completed a worksheet related to creating a small business. I am not sure that this is the new direction, but the question kept coming up as to where I see this going. Short answer is that I don't know. What I keep coming back to is that I still want to be of help. I came across a statistic recently that said that 22 vets kill themselves per day in the US. That is more than I can stand. The world is a mess, I have no hope of helping it. I do have a hope of helping one person-one at a time.

I think of the Inner Wisdom Journeys that we did at RAP. They are designed to lead one to their Observer Self, and while it seems a complex, deep undertaking; it turned out to be quite simple, and oh so rewarding, not just for the clients, but also for me. It was as if all boundaries disappeared, two bodies walked in, and suddenly that seperation was no longer, we were, on some level, one. A half dozen or so of these clients changed their lives. That is help, not the medications, not the doctors, and not the insurance companies.

Somehow this "Observer Self" has the capacity to point us in the one direction that we most need to go. My inner wisdom does not give me direct answers, rather I am usually given a symbol, a metaphor, a dream or a puzzle to work out. So what does the Trapezoid box hold for me. Just open the right drawer.

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