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Wild Night on the Town!

I set out on my ride Friday thinking it would be the last summer ride of the year, instead it turned out to be the first fall ride, cool and cloudy. Nothing unusual, other than a couple of great photo opportunities.

Image 2.jpg

This was along Vaughn Road near Noti. The bike often takes my place in photos because it doesn't have thumbs.

Image 1.jpg

This is on Central Road near Sarver Winery, and not I didn't stop. If you look close you can see Fern Ridge in the background. And guess who was waiting when I got home.

Image 3.jpg

Saturday night was on the town starting with dinner at Meiji's restaurant in the Blair area. We had pan fried Oregon sardine. Biggest sardine I've ever seen, and the smallest whole fish I've ever seen on a plate. Sat a table next to Ursula. I just ignored her, perhaps she doesn't even know who I am. Then we went to the Cahoots 25 year celebration. Not many people I knew just Jim H, Jon, Brenton and a couple of other Cahoots workers. Then on to the Egan warming center fund raiser with Beatles music and a movie "The Hundred Foot Journey. It was a lot better than I thought it would be.

I was telling someone how much stress has reduced over the past couple of weeks. Not that life is stress free, but I'm not having those heart pounding in your throat confrontations with someone that thinks I'm the enemy. I guess I'm thinking of an evening with Lauren, Sam and myself trying to block the back office door with a client trying to barge in. I don't know how three of us got in that doorway, but we did. And looking back, I know that a vast majority of the time we were trying to do the right thing despite being greatly compromised by Sheltercare. This kind of thinking always leads me to core values. I think back to the two trainings that I agreed to do on values; finding what you believe in and doing the right thing, and in hindsight knowing that it was already inevitable that what was right for our clients and the community would not be done. God only knows what all of the reasons were for closing RAP, but I have to think that someone, or many someones seriously compromised their values. Bless them all.

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