February 2, 2015

I have to admit that sometimes I am disappointed in the world of man. Here are some examples: 1) The photo is Helioboros ( I think) from my yard-clearly flowering a week ago. I went to the garden store to get a center piece for our party, and found another-yes, flowering, but the guy told me it was flowering  because it was getting a lot of sun in their display.  He said I should not place it where it gets too much sun.  I said I had others in the shade that were already flowering.  He told me that couldn't be.  What!  In other words one more person telling me that what I was seeing was not so.  I let it go wanting to say: "You're not my parent you can't tell me what I see is not so."  I call that crazy making. 2) I watched the end of the Stupor Bowl.  That is probably the real disappointment, but the big dumb play!!!! I have watched pro football since the mid 50's when the Bears lost to the Giants on a frozen field-actually got their butts kicked-in the then NFL championship.  The Giants wore sneakers, the Bears did not which most thought was the reason for the "disappointing" result.  Although I have become disinterested over the past 20 years, I still watch some of the playoffs-actually riding my bike is more important as is spirtual needs and family.  That's sixty years of watching. In those sixty years I have never seen a play call so blatantly stupid. 3) I have never been so disappointed in a movie as I was in American Sniper.  I was still working with vets at the time, and told my wife that I had to see it.  My experience has been that vets are suffering horribly with PTSD.  As I stated in a previous blog 22 vet (according to a Washington Post study) kill themselves a day.  I expected that Clint Eastwood would have devoted a littel more to this subject than one bar scene where Bradley Cooper sobs into his cell phone.  In the end I was left with the horror of war, but less than pleased with his portrayal of our on-going suffering.  Neither did he mention that Kyle was a founder of Craft International, another mercenary company, which has since screwed his wife out of her share.  Oscar, my ass.


On a positive note, I am now retired.  It mainly got to the point where it was just too much suffering-those with mental health issues, and vets with neglect and guilt-too long.  We work too long with so few positive results, and way too much disappointment.

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