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I should perhaps explain why I am dropping out of Facebook club. A few days ago I posted a paragraph related to the US senate passsing a bill which would require mandatory vaccinations for all vets receiving medical benefits. I see this as not only un-constitutional, but a gun held to our heads, a painful betrayal of those who have given so much, many their lives. In 24 hours this post reached one person-I don't know who you are but thanks. I post a picture of a cloud that appears to be a hummingbird and 164 people are reached.

For many years, probably since discharge from the service, I have sought my truth, and while many likely do think me looney and dismiss what I say as delusional, it remains, for now, my truth.

I believe that my post on Facebook related to mandatory vaccination was blocked. This is just my gut feeling, but I consider discernment my most developed tool. You don't believe Facebook would censor a post? Check this out from an article written by Paul Joseph Watson and posted on The Truth Seeker:

"Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught on a hot mic back in September discussing plans with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to censor anti-migrant Facebook posts in Germany.“Are you working on this?” Merkel asked. “Yeah,” Zuckerberg responded before their microphones were cut. The exchange took place after it was revealed that the German government, which is coming under intense criticism for its open borders policy, was working with Facebook to oversee a new program that would identify “xenophobic” posts made on the social networking website and punish people who make them with fines and jail sentences."

Ah, the world we live in, and leaders we trust.

When the crisis program closed where I worked over a year ago, I started this website and a Facebook page as a prospective business which would combine my interests in cycling and mindfulness. It did not work out, though I believe that this blog, at times has come close to expressing my truth. The plan, if I really have any these days, is to make this blog more daily, with the continued emphasis on telling my truth as I see it.

This blog will not be used to promote violence, revolution or anti-government sentiment, although I have made it clear I see no use for governement. This is not a promotion of what I think we should do with government. I am such a small minority. It is just a comment. Rather I will use the blog to call attention to events, such as the mandatory vaccination bill, to those who have not heard. Many have not heard this. This is one characteristic of government, present pro-government info, censor anti-government. The US government is aware, as is congress, that if news of this bill is widely known, it will not pass in the House.

See you in the black hole of cyber space, such as it is. Tadyatha, gate gate, paragate, parasamgati, Bodhi Shava.

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