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Wake Up Call

Six years ago on this date, our house was broken into. Two people were in our house long enough to go through old, very personal letters and take some of them along with a computer, sun glasses, and numerous other valuable items. When my wife arrived home fortunately they were gone. She called the police, and then me at work. I rode my bike home from six miles away, and arrived home before the police. When they did finally arrive, they said that an hour to respond to such a call was actually pretty fast. One officer suggested that if there is an intruder in the house, and your life is in jeapardy, don't rely on the police. Note: those two people were caught but never prosecuted. Our system is broken badly- please do not believe in it or rely on it.

In 1917, the Bolsheviks outlawed guns following the Russian Revolution. They then killed an estimated 60 million people, mostly Christians.

Guns were taken from the German people following the Versailles treaty. The result was similar to that of Russia.

We, meaning the American people, took the weapons of the Native Americans, then proceeded to virtually wipe them off the face of the earth.

Most Americans say that they are Christians, yet don't seem to believe in Satan. I don't know if I specifically believe in an entity called Satan. I do believe in an infinitely organized evil that is behind all of these events I have mentioned. This evil would like to take the guns from Americans and the result would be the same as that of the Germans, Russians, and Native Americans. All that stands in the way of gulags in America, your children taken from your arms is an armed American public. It is sad but likely true.

I am a Viet Nam veteran. I have seen first hand what guns can do. This was another war carried out by this organized evil. My feeling on guns is this: THE WORLD WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT GUNS, but......WE AREN'T THERE YET.

If Satan comes for you, good luck, because a gun won't do you any good. If, however, he sends his minnions, I pray that you have a gun.

So, please, I beg of you, until we reach the point where there are more good people than bad, don't buy into the propaganda of the politicians. Unless you know first hand about evil, please stay out of this. The events such as Orlando are staged events by this organized evil so that the naive, easily swayed give their consent to laws that those of us who have actually fought for your freedom do not support. If you have not fought this evil your silence would greatly be appreciated.

9-11 was a badly bungled false flag that still killed 3000 Americans. These false flags are bungled so that on some level we know the truth, yet say nothing. In a sense, it is a type of consent. If you are a young parent, please think about these things. Thousands upon thousands of Russian children watched in horror as they were taken from their parents who were then riddled with machine gun fire. We have no guarantee that it could not happen here.

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