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I know that the writing of this blog will cost me, probably, a sister, and several friends that I love genuinely. However, there comes a time in each of our lives when we must choose where we stand. To those of you who I am about to alienate I am truly sorry that it has come to this.

It is said that the fish rots from the head down. I don't believe that is accurate, but rather that as the head begins to rot, so too the body. The head of the great American fish has been rotten for a great many years, and each four years we simply try to replace a rotten head with another rotten head. Do you honestly feel this is working? We still have our sons and daughters fighting foreign wars, despite the promises of the last rotten head, hate may be the dominating emotion on this planet, the gulf between rich and poor has only widened, your health and that of your children remains at risk, and on and on.

I do not think that Donald Trump is the answer to all of our problems. I do not "like" him as a man. But he does represent the voice of the rotting body, does represent our rage with the corrupt and murderous government that we live under. If you believe Standing Rock to be an outrage keep in mind that it is a product of this system of greed. Keep in mind that the American government is simply the military branch of the corporations and big money. It appears that there are many who do not believe this, who continue to think that Hillary Clinton, already recognized as a representative of this system, is a capable leader and politician. I would say there is no such thing, and you are truly the last to know.

The trail of corruption, and murder goes back to Arkansas, and a good forty years. I think we all know in our hearts that this is true. It has continued through the summer with the suspicious deaths of several men who stepped up to oppose the Democratic National Committee,right on through to the recent suspicious murder/suicide of the FBI agent investigating the email scandal. Also a casualty this past summer was a friend named Victor Thorn. Thorn was the foremost authority on the Clinton murderous and criminal past. I do not believe that he took his own life. He was a major obstacle to a Clinton presidency.

However, there are three critical problems with continuing with the Clinton legacy. One is that we give our consent to ongoing wars, the sickening of the American people, and world at large, and the outright theft of American resources, in every way, right out of your pocket. The second is that we overlook the compromise of our trusted officials with threats of ruin or worse, the murder of their entire families. America cannot function with a fragile justice system. It is imperative that they are able to prosecute those who threaten the whole. Thirdly, and perhaps worse, the Clintons, like the Bushes before them bring a perversion into the office of president, as well as our lives, that most of us do not have the stomachs to look at. I do not know if this is truly revelations being played out before our eyes. I am not a very good Christian. It may simply be the script. I do not believe in an entity called Satan, but I do believe in an evil that is vastly superior, and infinitely better organized than the split that this election has produced amongst Americans. They will destroy us if they are allowed.

Tomorrow is your opportunity to make a statement of "enough" at the polling place. Raise your voice. Let the corrupt know that they are at their end. I will not tell you who to vote for, but will say that a vote for Clinton gives your consent to the continuation of evil that has dominated the history of planet Earth.

I have said in these pages that you are more than you know. You are a loving, caring, joyful being, not the docile, canon fodder for the elite. Speak for the love that you are, and change the course of history. I remind you, one more time, choose wisely. Have a look at your children as they sleep tonight, and ask yourself if your decision is one that will insure the continuance of their well-being. That is all I ask.

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