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When I was in my early twenties, I decided that this was not a world to bring children into. By my thirties, however, I realized that if this is not a world to bring children into, that good kids might be of great value to a floundering world, to a society that had lost it's identity. So we did just that, brought a wonderful human child into this world that truthfully has only gotten worse.

And that is just my current opinion. This has become a greedier, cheatier culture, and I am sorry to say, America is the worst. When I was a child this was not so. Most people I knew were good people. And while there are still many good people in American, we are all subject to the programs run by a government that no longer tells the truth. You can travel to a place like Nepal and it is obvious that most people there still have what we have lost, goodness and empathy for the other.

Perhaps worst of all, a presidential election has divided us like never before. We have chosen sides, and the losing side-it could have been the other way around, just won't give it up. Recently the head of Homeland Security stated that he had put elections (I hope that he meant future elections) under the protection of his agency. He is a stooge doing the President's bidding. And a blanket statement it was, not even an Executive Order, which also may be illegal. You see, elections fall under the protection of the Constitution, and the authority of the states. You can't change that without changing the Constitution. This is essentially a treasonous move, and those of us who support this move are are bordering on complicity.

"We the People" elect the President. We elected Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Bush one, all the way up to Bush two, who we may not have elected. None the less, whether you vote for the winner or not, "We the People" have still elected that person. The election is over.

So you see, there are many reasons to believe that the world is still an evil place to live. We villify the Russians, though we are the ones with troops on their borders. We blame the results of the election on Russian hackers, without proof. We cannot protect our airports, possibly even from ourselves, and cyber security appears to be absent. Is this a place to bring a child into? I don't believe that I can assure anyone that it is. And yet.

This day my daughter and her husband have brought a wonderful, aware child to grace this family, my society. And despite my reservations about the world in which I live, I am touched deeply by this birth, the continuance of my primordial soup, that a part of me will likely continue beyond my end.

Tulku Jigme Rinpoche has suggested many times to me that this is indeed a auspicious place to land, that it takes many lives, and much accrued merit to achieve human birth. And while I have no evidence that he is right in this, I feel that he is. It seems there is no other way for consciousness, which is the essence of this wonderful child, to realize it's true Self. We are born, we live, we die, and in between, in those special moments when time loses it's grip on us, we pause to notice the wonder, the beauty, all that arises from the spaciousness where our heads used to be. The color. The sound. The beating of that child's heart. The warm breath of another on our skin. The deep intimacy of love. It is all here for each of us to experience. And beyond a doubt, this child brings with it the nearest thing to God that I know.

And so I say, welcome Alton Greyson, you are a welcome sight to me.

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