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I am surprised that many of us continue to confuse "I" statements with "It" statements. An "I" statement is, for example, I prefer chocolate to vanilla ice cream. Just an opinion, However, when we say chocolate is the best ice cream, we have created a problem for ourselves. We have now turned an "I" statement, an opinion, into an "It" statement or a statement of fact. A statement of fact is if I open the door for my cat, and she says: "Noooo!!!," and darts back in, I can say with some assurance: "It is cold out," and this will likely be a fact. The problem is we do this in relationships, and we do this in politics. So instead of saying: "I prefer Clinton to Trump," we are saying Clinton is the only candidate, and I will not support Trump if he wins. Now you've backed yourself into a corner. So now you're willing to go to the length of boycotting Trump, of demonstrating, of creating false information, likely (this is just my opinion), and I suspect some are contemplating worse. This goes against the Rule of Law. From the beginning of this nation, congress has passed laws, and they have not said that we can pick the ones that we like, and obey only those. They have said that those laws are to be respected, obeyed and enforced. Whether you voted for Trump or not, "We the People" elected him. I did not vote for either, but as with every president in my life, I agree to give him a chance. I went to Viet Nam, I felt, so that each of us had the right to choose who we prefer, and to stand for the supremacy of the Rule of Law. I ask, which is worse to elect someone who might not make a good president, hell, we've done that repeatedly; or to undermine the law which elected the one that we have?

I am apolitical. I have said all along that I prefer not to have anything to do with politics. I would say, however, that I prefer Trump to Clinton.

So here we are, about to inaugurate a new president, yet totally conflicted, and confused, in the corner with our it statements, and too stubborn to back out. We are about to step all over the Rule of Law, the thread that has held this country together for centuries, and if it falls, so too our freedom. Some how, we need to rise above us, to evolve, to begin to use that which God has given us, and make this place in we call home a safe, productive place for all, instead of a graveyard for those of us deprived of that which we require to live. Do you wish to see your children continually sent off to war, only to return as an empty, lifeless shell? Or worse yet, deprived of the very thing that seperates us from the animal world, our intellect, thanks to a vaccine that frys our brain cells? Or victimized by a "business" that deals in flesh?

Again I will tell no one what to think, or believe, only to respect the foundation of our Republic, and for your conscience to take care in how you state your preferences.

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