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Further Shame

The only thing illegal about the Flynn affair is the illegal wire tap-note no FISA court request. At the time, as a citizen and not yet a part of the cabinet, he had the right to talk with the Russian ambassador, just as you have a right. At this point you do not know the contents of that conversation. This also confirms that every single phone call made across this country is monitored. However, you have the right to be anonymous, unless committing a crime, and the wire tap has FISA permission. The fact that it was Flynn was leaked to the press by an intelligence agency. Now if this was you, how would you feel. Violated, as we all should feel each time we use our radio phones. Are you willing to give up this right? It may be your last.

As I have said before, when I went to Viet Nam, I believed, naively, that, as we were told, it is better to fight communism there than here. Many I knew there gave their lives in this belief. Imagine my distress to discover that the Democratic Party, and American liberals believe in open borders, and in fact, have become the communist that we were fighting there.

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