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Rain brings good fortune?

It started raining overnight. Like California, we haven't had rain in months. Right away the brown, dormant grass returns to life. Seems like a metaphor for those of us who lost our jobs when Shelter Care closed the Royal Avenue Program last week. Three of us have already found new jobs, or at least stepped onto a path of our choosing.

On this website I talk about doing the right thing, living according to our true values. An unemployment person asked me this morning what I wanted to do. I didn't have a specific answer, but I told her I wanted to be of value, to help, rather than being told what to do in order to make money for an agency. The client comes first. People come first. Not the corporations.

So now it's late morning, and I'm feeling a little lost. It's still raining. It's pointless to ride my bike. I've done all that I set out to do this morning. I should meditate. It is what will prepare me best for trudging along this path.

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