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Our Next Step

Suppose! Simply imagine this through. There is no future. Whatever we refer to as "future," for convenience sake, has not happened yet. And we have no way of knowing that what happens is meant to happen. What about the past? Does it exist? Out of a deep need to exist, we will way too quickly say yes. What if what we refer to as the "past," was also a convenience? We think of it as the depository of our experiences. It is not like a bank where you can deposit your experiences, and withdraw them, in their entirety as you please. There is no bank, and your experiences no longer exist, not in their entirety, and not even in a semblance of what actually happened. You cannot revisit the birth of a child, or even the last thought you had, a step taken. What we have deposited in our memory are just memories, mental images that you can think about, but you cannot "experience" them. So where is this thing we call the past.

It is not my wish to disturb anyone or anything. We are in trouble as a society. We need to make some fundamental changes to the way we perceive the world, for our children's sake, for if we do not there may not be existence for them.

Here is the problem. Oh, I don't mean our geopolitical issues. but rather the basic way in which we see our existence, as separate, and at odds with other. Anyone can see where this has gotten us.

Have we failed our children by not teaching an accurate "perception" of reality? We cannot be separate from, it is an impossibility of our creation. There is a prayer called the Protection Prayer by Jacob Niebuhr (spelling, sorry have to look it up later) same guy who, I believe wrote the Serenity Prayer. It says that: "wherever we are God is, and all is well." Where we are God is! We are told God is everywhere. So we are everywhere. We cannot be separate. Now I won't pretend to be living this way. I don't know that we can reverse the course of that river. Don't our children have the right to know, that from the point of view of creation, we cannot be separate, cannot be divided. They, and we have been misguided. Do they not, and did we not have the right to know this?

Now I suppose that you could just completely disagree with me. That's okay. We are still one.


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