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Auspicious Moments

Strange and yet beautiful sky last night. Auspicious? It is as if the whole world waits.

I just finished a book about Rebecca Rusch called Rusch to Glory. I would call it an exagerrated title, however I enjoyed the book. She is a world champion cyclist who clearly followed her own path through life, starting as an adventure racer. It is an interesting story of how she went from business graduate to rock climber, to rower, to adventure racer to mountain biker. What I think is important to draw from this is that no matter what adventure she chose next, it was her own choice, her own path.

I have thought a great deal recently about making important choices as so many of us who spent many years at the Royal Avenue Program are "forced" to make life changes. So often I know that when forced to change it has seemed to me that I had few options, and often ended up taking the first offer. This is what happened when I was "laid off" the previous time. The only option was Shelter Care, and while I don't regret it, it was, in the end, a mistake. It was not my own path.

As I go through this again, and step onto a new path; as I age and move on, it becomes clear to me that when in the situation we don't see as clearly as we will later on-hindsight. And there is likely no way to change that reality, however is it possible that when in such a situation of inevitable change, which probably is reality-change and impermanence, that at such a moment we ask ourselves a very important question: "What really, really matters to me?" And when we know the answer, know what our core values are, that we then live according to them.

I started this website because I didn't like my options-unemployment, looking for another unworthy job, and feeling that my life was rudderless. And it would not surprise those of you who know me how I did. I googled "How to start a website," found the best option and then worked on it till it was done. It is clear to me that this matters to me.

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