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The Emerging Self

A couple of weeks ago I attended a lecture by Dean Schlecht, who I learned the Inner Wisdom Journey from while he was the director of the crisis program where I worked. One of the things that he talked about was a symbol of a kind of cross with Self, self, the male and female aspects on the corner, grounded in pure consciousness with a yin/yang type of symbol in the center which represents the emerging self, the joyous, creative whole being. It has inspired me to continue my inner work in hopes of ridding myself of all of the reasons why I hide. It has also pushed me to practice guitar with a new belief, the result of which has been a major step forward.

Wednesday I start work at the Service Station Veterans program-one last job, or a final opportunity to practice my beliefs, my belief that any of us can heal.

Today I filled out paperwork at the St. Vincent de Paul admin, and ran into Darci. The woman's an executive, got her own office. Talk about movin' on up. Good goin.

I also wanted to post one last video, at least in this series. Again Shawn Lane playing piano at a concert at Duluth College. If you watch the whole thing it is apparent that the technique is there, but it is something else that touches you. It's the Self expressing itself through him, not only in the music, but his joyous personality. He hardly has the star qualities that we are so used to, and yet he has such a capacity to reach out and touch.

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