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Empty Rooms

I'm sitting here just wondering how this is productive for me. I have to think that it is worthwhile as my job, yet often I feel under-used.

There was one brief period this morning where I met with a client who my workmates thought would be in crisis. They think of me as the crisis specialist. And though this guy was not in anything like crisis that I am used to at RAP, he was teary and tired of it all. I let him tell me his story, gave feedback as appropriate, and then asked if I could ask him a question. Of course, the question was: "What really, really matters to you?" It is my standard question when I want someone to begin a search for some part that matters, in this case some part that didn't hate him. I then explained that it was meant to be a comtemplation of core values, which can be used as a lighthouse in the storm of his life.

I could see as I explained this, that I had gotten his attention. He was listening with more intensity. I told him that I could put him in touch with a part that cares about him, offered to do a wisdom journey with him next week. Perhaps I should have done it on the spot even though it was not in a private place, after all I did one at Dairy Queen.

So I am sitting here wondering also what I get out of these journeys. I can do one on my own, and yet it is so much more significant, it seems, if I do one with another person, particularly someone who has never done one, and it seems would greatly benefit. There is just something about going into a room, a private place with another, starting the journey,

and very quickly realizing that the person is deeply touched by the contact with the inner Self; and I, in turn being touched by the event itself, and the awarness that there really are not two beings present, but rather one, this powerful sense that this is the case, though there are clearly two bodies.

There is nothing that has given my life such purpose. So I leave you with one more video Gary Moore in Stockholm in 1987. So long ago

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