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Somewhere at a great distance you hear a bell sounding as though through a great fog. You shake yourself. Where is it? What is it? A church bell? Your alarm? No, it is not your alarm clock, but it is an alarm of sorts, telling you that it is indeed time to wake up before this life passes you by without a single breath of true wakefulness drawn.

We have been sleeping a great long time as if under the spell of some potent hypnotic. Was it slipped into our drink during a lapse of awareness? Is there even enoough awareness to say: "Yes, I remember that. I was awake then."

And while we have been sleeping, those who do not sleep, those who insured our sleep, are shaping the world through which we sleep walk. They make deals, create financial systems based upon nothing but air and debt. They create war after war to power this fantasy. And we in our sleep walk state are the fodder.

Awaken. Take the hand of the child before he marches drowsily off to another killing field, before he is pronounced sick, and medicated lest he somehow accidently awakens. Take that childs hand before he is turned into a killer, fed a strict diet of mind-numbing poisons and hate.

I dream, though I cannot tell if I am walking or lying down. Of children pure and good. They reach out to me, but I cannot help. I do not know the answer to how to awaken. Perhaps we do it all together. Perhaps it seeps into our brains as a tissue absorbs water. I will not hate a man because of the color of his skin, his beliefs, his religion. I will not kill this man. I am done with killing. I will not believe the lies I am force fed in my dreaming state. There has been no truth since this dream began.

This system, this matrix if you like, was created in ancient times by men without souls, men consumed by desire and greed. They are still here. I am not like them. I cannot be. My heart tells me so. Is my heart awake? Is yours? Perhaps our hearts can awaken us. Perhaps it can be so. It is time.

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