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Have you done your homework?

As I get older, now approaching seventy, I often think that the older I get, the less I know for sure. While one aspect of this is that my dreams now seem more real, and my day to day more dreamlike; the second part is that unless I am there, and see something happen, I really don't know. I would suggest that it might be a good idea for all of us to draw this line, and refrain from being complicit in the lies that are being told these day, mainly by Mainstream Media, and political propagandists. If you don't know it, don't repeat it as if it were a fact.

These days there are untold numbers of "amateur" political experts. Mostly they seem to hang out on Facebook, and other social media. A surprisingly large number of these self-proclaimed experts could not actually pass a history test, which is an important part of discerning the truth. Those who seem to have a handle on the past, seem to also have a better handle on the present.

Here are some little known examples:

1. A BBC poll from 2014 found that 64% of Americans had an unfavorable opinion of Russia and Russians. Do we know why?

2. The biggest threat to the Union in 1861 was the presence of British and French troops in Mexico. It was known, at the time, that the Confederate cotton trade was strongly tied to European banks, who saw the opportunity to destroy the United States, or more likely reacquire it. Lincoln believed that the British/French might very well join in fighting in the days prior to the first shot being fired. He is said to have sent a request to the Russian Czar asking for help. It is told that the Czar said when receiving the letter that he did not even need to know what was in the letter, that it would be granted. He sent the Russian fleet to sit, for 8 months, in the harbors of New York and San Francisco. It might be said that without this presence that the Union might have been doomed. Might we say that we owe a debt of gratitude to Russia.

3. There are many other examples of a strong bond between Russia and the fledgling American government, other than the World War II alliance, such as the Crimean War, and trade assistance during the Revolutionary War, when other countries, fearing Britain, would not trade with the colonists. Yet here we are today questioning the motives of the Russian government in it's Middle East policy, and in particular the suggestion that Russia interfered in the recent election. Russia has not made a military or diplomatic mistake in some time. Had they actually decided to hack into our election, do you think that they would have gotten caught? Very unlikely. If Russia influenced the election in any way, it was on the internet, and the Democratic Party grossly underestimated their ability to do so.

4. The most controversial story in American news-the MSM will not touch this story-is the so-called Pizzagate. Can you actually say that you know what this is about? Just to help you out a little, "pizza" is pedophile code for a young boy or girl.

5. Operation Darkroom, a pedaphile scandal in Norway involves 51 people, 20 arrested including a former politician, and one current politician.

6. Gucci is currently running an add on American television for it's perfume Bamboo. It features what appears to be a fifteen year old girl. It doesn't take much to figure who the target audience is. Fifteen year old girls, or fifty years old men? The add was on HGTV this evening three times during one hour. Are the elite unable to restrain themselves.

7. The female president of South Korea has been impeached by legislature for, apparently, being a member of a Satanic cult, and sharing state secrets with her female lover. This is from a report traced back to "Financial Times." I cannot vouch for the truth of this report.

8. It is reported on "State of the Nation" that Texas elector Chris Suprun, who has said that he cannot, in good conscience, vote for Trump, has a history of bankruptcy, and membership in Ashley Madison while unemployed in 2012. This story was reported originally on "Got News." They produced the credit card report from Ashley Madison. Now none of this is illegal, but it does seem to make Mr. Suprun vulnerable. It is unlikely that Texas voters would like to see their vote disenfranchised under these circumstances. Note: See State of the Nation for a link to this story on Got News. Also, again, this is a third hand report of the original story.

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