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If you ask me why I do not vote, let me site the recent presidential election as an example. There were much needed promises made, changes that were so desperately needed. Mr. Trump, you were elected by the silent majority, the average folk of America, many of whom are veterans, loyal to the flag, and the Commander in Chief. So what, so far, are the results. You got your chief justice, at a great cost, and to hell with healthcare. Jobs? Maybe. So what. And then you betrayed us all. The choices you have made for advisors are appalling. You willingly sacrificed two good men who likely would have gone to the ends of the earth with you, instead replacing them with sycophants, owned by the powers that be, maybe even your own son in law. This is just so suspicious. Just the kind of things those of us who have watched world politics for so long have come to expect. McCain and Graham dug up an old false flag, a corpse that had already been tried twice, and failed; yet somehow you bought it lock stock and holy ghost. And without any real investigation, launched your missiles, which despite their ineffectiveness, have come very close to starting World War III.

I believe that you care what we think of you, and believe me right now that is not much. Perhaps you, like McCain and Graham are compromised, so afraid that that little lapse in morality, or lapses, might come to light. Or perhaps this is all just too much, and you no longer know where to turn for advice. Perhaps you simply believed the wrong people. Either way you bought the farm. Assad using chemical weapons on his own people, when he has the support of Russia, and was nearing a possible peace, makes no sense at all. Or perhaps, you know something I do not.

The world stands on the brink of destruction, victory by darkness. And none of us can do the right thing. We are not them. And while I am not certain who they are, let us simply call them the Klingons, that works. They are not us, and cannot ever be. They seek a totalitarian world, at the expense of all that is good. It seems that we are powerless, and when you stood up as if you were willing to lead the way against them, we cheered, and prepared to follow you into battle. God, what a dissappointment.

You want advice from a veteran, a patriot, and a simple man? Arrest the mother fuckin' pedophiles before it is too late. Do the right thing before it is too late. It is not too late to make amends, and re-capture the support of those who care about the world.

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